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Welcome to Ad Chicks!

Welcome to Ad Chicks, the ladies behind the scenes of A.D Ventures Media Solutions. We’re all about empowering and encouraging women in business with a behind the scenes look at how we successfully, and sometimes not so successfully, balance life, kids, significant others and work.

Are you one of those women determined to have it all? We are, but I think we’ve realized if it’s not be possible, that’s ok! We’re working women with families and we don’t always get it right. There are days we rocked an ad campaign and came home and burnt dinner or celebrated signing a big client and came home and slept right through date night. Don’t worry ladies, we’re not perfect! We want to share out imperfect lives with you and hopefully, you can relate and feel encouraged that trying our best is all we can do sometimes.

So join us on our journey through the ups and downs of every day life in this crazy, adventurous world of advertising. We’ll show you behind the scenes of our commercial shoots, our brainstorming sessions, the perks of being in the advertising business and you might even see a small melt down every now and then.

We’re entrepreneurs at heart and helping other small businesses succeed is our passion. We make it our mission each day to help our clients grow their business. Creativity is the name of the game and we’re blogging our way through it.

Picture: Radio Event with Q107.5

Yes! Local radio still is a valid form of advertising. We love buying am and pm drive times with local personalities.

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