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Email Marketing with A.D.Ventures Media Solutions

Communicating via email with your customer database is an easy, affective way to get an important message out to a select group, or all, of your customers at one time. The use of email blast marketing grows annually; so many companies are taking advantage of this direct marketing strategy! Your business can reach your desired audience with a tailored, direct message for the consumer.

Email blast marketing can help keep your business in the minds of potential customers, and raise awareness about special events or promotions your business may be running that your customers may otherwise miss out on. When you send an email blast, having a clear marketing message and catchy subject line are important to increase the likelihood of your email being opened. A good marketing email has a clear, focused message so that the recipient understands the intention of your newsletter.

The first thing your email blast recipient will notice is the title of the email. An effective, attention grabbing subject line is essential! Without one, the recipient will be unlikely to open your email at all. It’s important to avoid the tactics of spammers, like including all capital letters in your subject line. Even phrases like “urgent” can cause your recipient’s inbox to flag your email blast, causing it to end up in a spam or junk folder.

A.D.Ventures Media Solutions, LLC, a Memphis advertising agency, helps several of our clients create and analyze email marketing campaigns, optimized for each client to enhance the open rate of the email and boost the click rate of the offers advertised. Can we help you jump start your email marketing campaigns? Give us a call to learn more: 901-605-1949. For more information about what we do, please visit us online at

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