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SEO Blogging to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

AdVentures Media Solutions, Memphis, TN

SEO blogging is a method of marketing and advertising to increase traffic to your website. This increases a company’s overall website traffic.  For many people, the hugely popular search engine is their first stop when trying to look for about anything. That means that no matter the type of website you have, if you want people to find it, you need it to show up on Google search. Organic ranking  in a search engine is not always easy. 

Posting on your website with blogs that are content rich in keywords, keyword phrases, and written about topics relevant to your business, can make an enormous difference to how your overall website performs in the search engines. One of the best things you can do for improving SEO and a higher Google quality score is by blogging on your website. Before you begin your blog, it is crucial that you recognize the importance of blogging. Here are just a few of the top reasons to add a blog to your website: 

  • Blogging keeps your website fresh and current. 

Google does not want to distribute its searchers’ outdated information. Websites that are updated gives Google’s algorithm more reasons to index your website more often, keeping it on the radar. You are also less likely to update your home page frequently, so a blog is a more practical tool for adding latest content to your website on a regular basis. 

  • Blogging will keep people on your website longer. The obvious reason people are staying on the website longer is that they are reading the blog. Behind the scenes though, Google’s algorithms are still at work. When someone clicks on a link google provides, then does not stay on the site but instead clicks right back to google, it tells google that the website is not helpful. If they spend more time on your page, it tells Google that your website is better. This helps with moving your website up the ranks on the Google lists. 

  • Blogging helps you target key words. When people use their search engine, they typically type in a few words to pull up a helpful website. For example, let us say you need a plumber. You will type into their search engine a few key words. They will be keywords like plumber, burst pipe, why is my toilet running, plumber near me, best plumber in Memphis, etc. You can use these keywords in your blog rather than on your product page. This is another way to increase traffic to your website.  

These are just a few of the ways blogging is beneficial to your business. There are also several other methods besides blogging that will increase your profit margins and build your business’ reputation. At AdVentures Media Solutions we create dynamic advertising solutions that are built on each client’s strength, brand, and uniqueness. We also offer advertising packages that include blogging to increase your SEO. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, call us today to schedule a consultation. (901) 605-1949.  

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