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How to use LinkedIn for Your Business?

AdVentures Media Solutions, Memphis, TN

Did you know that as of June 2021, LinkedIn had 756 million members from over 200 countries? LinkedIn is an online social media platform supported by Microsoft for professional networking. How to use LinkedIn for your business?


When LinkedIn first surfaced the social media platform seemed to be primarily geared toward recruitment, yet now, when used to its fullest potential, LinkedIn is an opportunity to enhance your brand awareness, build your brand, increase revenue and more. LinkedIn allows members, both workers and employers, to create a profile and then “connect” to each other in a social media platform meant to represent real-world professional relationships. Members can invite anyone to become a “connection”. 

At AdVentures Media Solutions we know marketing and aim to help you take advantage of all marketing platforms available that will grow your business. We have compiled a list of LinkedIn tips that you can begin to implement right away that will help you to learn how to use the platform.  

Create Shareable Content 

If you produce content that your viewers want to see and share with others, your viewers become engaged supporters of your company. This will help to expand your market reach and influence.

According to LinkedIn, for complete success, your company should post as many status updates as possible and all professional content that you have at your disposal. You will reach more of your audience and extend your reach if you post often. Research suggests that businesses that post 20 times a month, on average, reach 60% of their followers with 1 or more updates; and 20% of followers can be reached with simply one status update. 

As with all marketing efforts, strive to publish authentic and relevant posts to encourage likes, shares, and comments. LinkedIn will not share any posts to your page that feels like spam.  

Share New Products, Promotions, and Services 

The top reasons people follow brands on social media include:  

  • Promotions 
  • Discounts 
  • Latest Product Information 
  • Customer Service 
  • Ability to Offer Feedback 
  • Personal profiles of employees or team members 

Half of businesses on LinkedIn reported that they have generated sales through LinkedIn. With LinkedIn business pages, you can introduce new products or services your company developed or provides and demonstrate the usefulness. You can provide links to your website to enable readers to easily find more information and increase your website traffic, leading to new customers and increased revenue.  

Show the Difference Between Your Business and Your Competitor’s 

On LinkedIn, you can use your company description section as an opportunity. You can emphasize how you stand out from your competitors. You can include your business news and share information about your business’ culture. As a result, this will also help to reach potential new hires and convey your company’s values, mission, and vision. 

Consider how you can use stories, infographics, and photos to give users an authentic and positive impression of your company. Visual storytelling via links to video, infographics, or photos gives users the chance to see how your company responds. 

Find Ideal Professional Hires 

LinkedIn profiles reveal valuable information about people seeking jobs in your industry. This includes their resume, their record of employment, accomplishments, even their personal passion projects. Being able to have a glimpse into their career goals is extremely advantageous. It allows you to figure out if the person will be the best suited for your available position.  

When social media communication is done correctly by your existing employees, it has the potential to create fundamental relationships. These relationships with customers, new employees, and referral sources can significantly enhance your company’s reputation and revenue. 

See How Your Competitors Operate 

By visiting the company pages of businesses serving your target market it is easier to monitor changes in your industry,  and current market trends. It also allows you to be able to track what your competition has accomplished. Additionally, the ability to see transitions of employees and monitoring the social media content strategies of other companies on a regular basis will also help with talent acquisition and growth areas for your business. 

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking  

Google and other search engines rank LinkedIn company pages and posts at the top in their search engine results pages.  

If you are serious about your business growth and building your brand, consider hiring an ad agency. At Adventures Media Solutions we are one of the top ad agencies in Memphis. AdVentures Media is highly knowledgeable and skilled in every aspect of marketing with a focus on digital and social media marketing. We can help you implement these tips and monitor all your platforms to ensure you are able to meet your business goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We will make sure your best equipped for building referral relationships, maintaining increased revenue and attracting talented members to join your team. 

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