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Social Media and the Growth of Instagram

Adventures Media Solutions, Memphis, TN

Over 83% of adults age 18-49 in America use social media.  The majority check it every day, and Instagram is the second most downloaded app, next to YouTube.  There are currently over 1 billion users on Instagram worldwide.  If your business is not yet advertising on Instagram, you could be missing out on multiple opportunities to grow your business.  Here are just a few of the reasons you should be advertising on social media and Instagram: 

Benefits of Instagram Posting:

Website Traffic

  • Your ads will be more authentic.  Story ads are the newest form of advertising on Instagram.  A story ad is a video that appears in a news feed for only 24 hours.  This form of advertisement allows the marketer to share in a more authentic way. 
  • Your excellent customer service will be on constant display.  Social media is now the hub for customer service.
  •  You’ll be able to quickly respond to your consumers.
  • You’ll connect with a larger audience and attract new consumers.  Some consumers might not even realize they need the service or product your company provides.  Through social media advertising, you’ll be able to reach the largest targeted group of future customers. 

These are just a few of the reasons for social media marketing on Instagram.  Social media marketing is hugely beneficial. Social media marketing can be time consuming. There are a myriad of tools used by ad agencies in social marketing that help you see analytically how your advertising is performing.   To receive your optimal return on your advertising investment, consider partnering with AdVentures Media Solutions. 

Here are a few reasons most successful businesses choose to work with an AdVentures: 

  • Saves time for you and your employees.  The ad professionals will filter messages, schedule your social media posts, and flag important messages. This will aid your company in your response time to consumers. 
  • Gain access to your social media performance.
  • The ad team will implement your best campaigns.  Ad professionals have expertise and experience. They specialize in designing and creating a campaign. They will write creative web content.
  • It’s cost effective.  There will be no need for you to hire a film crew, creative consultant, business analyst, or social media marketer. You will have them with our team.

Adventures Media Solutions is one of the top advertising agencies in Memphis.  If you are looking for a digital or social media marketing agency in Memphis, we have you covered. At AdVentures Media Solutions, our team of ad professionals are creative, experienced, and insightful. Our team will work together to ensure that your business thrives.  Call us today to schedule an appointment at (901) 605-1949. 

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