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A.D.Ventures Media Solutions: Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel

Facebook’s newest advertising tool, Facebook Pixel, is an interesting new tracking tool used to track the movements of your website visitors while they are simultaneously logged on to Facebook. This new tracking system is the most beneficial for ecommerce stores and Facebook businesses without a storefront that sell merchandise online. Pixel has a couple of main functions that can help certain businesses get a better return on your Facebook advertisements.

  1. Website Custom Audiences

This function is how Facebook can help you retarget your website visitors. When you have your unique Pixel ID installed on various pages of your website, it tracks where exactly your web traffic is going. It can record which pages they visit and you can use this data to advertise to a very specific audience. For example, you can advertise to groups of users who have visited your website in a certain period of time (within the last 30 days, within the past 180 days, etc.) or people who have visited a specific page on your website.

  1. Custom Conversions

With Facebook Pixel, you can create a custom conversion based on “completions”  from your webpage. You can target customers who viewed content on your website, searched for items on your site, put items in a wish list, put items in the cart, who added payment information, and who completed an order through to checkout. This can help online retailers determine if their Facebook ads are profitable. Like we previously mentioned, some features of Pixel are best for ecommerce businesses.

Have you tried the new Facebook Pixel for your business yet? A.D.Ventures Media Solutions is currently tracking conversions with Pixel for our clients! A.D.Ventures Media Solutions offers social media management packages, and we’re prepared to execute or develop your business’s social media marketing plan. For a free consultation, please call (901) 605-1949. For more information about what we do, please visit us online at

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