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Make a Wise Choice!

Wise Choices, a one-stop shop for consumer protection and service company endorsements

“I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore.” — Helen Reddy, “I Am Woman,” 1972

Rest easy, Helen. No one’s ignoring women. Not anyone with half a business brain, anyway.

The women of our households make 94 percent of the decisions on home furnishings, 92 percent of vacation decisions, 91 percent of home purchases/repairs, 60 percent of car buys and 51 percent on consumer electronics, according to Harvard Business Review. Yet many small businesses and service companies still take women for granted. The trick is finding the ones who don’t.

You don’t have to do a thing. I’ve found them for you.

I’ve partnered with Amy Sullivan of AdVentures Media Solutions to launch Wise Choices, a one-stop shop for consumer protection and service company endorsements. With Wise Choices, I’ve put my 20 years as the Mid-South’s Chief Consumer Investigator to work researching and vetting the Mid-South service companies worth hiring. I have personally vetted every Wise Choice for their service histories, licensure (state/county/city business licenses & industry licenses, where applicable), years of Mid-South service and consumer agency grades. I stand behind each one. All you have to do is hire them! If you have trouble with one, let me know. I’ll make sure my Wise Choice makes it right.

On my website, you’ll also find my blogs where I’ll reveal the latest scam warnings and share my advice on the consumer issues that matter most to you. Got a question about an issue or a recommendation on a business you think should earn my Wise Choice stamp of approval? Hit me up on the email address in my contact page or on one of my Wise Choices social media platforms. Those platforms and my website,, will go live January 2.

Don’t be taken for granted. Don’t do the searching I’ve already done for you. Make a Wise Choice. Trust ME and MY Wise Choices!


Andy Wise

Ad Agency Memphis, company endorsements, consumer protection, Wise Choices

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