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Why Instagram Stories Got So Popular

Adventures Media Solutions

Ever since Snapchat Stories hit the scene in October of 2013, short-form, temporary content has taken social media by storm. Nearly every social platform now has their own version of Stories, or has at least experimented with the idea. Despite having the same premise and function, they find their own unique place on their respective platforms. Especially on Instagram they seem to be a stark difference from the norm of highly-edited and highly-aestheticized photos and videos. As a business owner or social manager, you may find yourself asking how they got so popular, and if you should be integrating them in your social strategy. Get the scoop on Stories below from AdVentures Media Solutions!

How Did We Get Here?

Stories, especially on Instagram, have proven to be one of the most popular feature ever introduced on social media platforms. Although some have died out over time, such as Twitter’s Fleets, the majority of these introductions have only skyrocketed popularity for the platform and increased time spent on their respective apps. There are plenty of reasons why Stories have had this effect, both scientific and anecdotal. For personal accounts, it’s an easy and fun way to interact with friends, as well as give updates to what is going on in each other’s lives. The short-lived nature of Stories prompts immediate response, or missing out when they inevitably disappear. For businesses, it gives consumers a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at what’s really going on, as well as prompting audience engagement. 

Generally, Stories are far less intimidating to individuals and brands alike. Unlike some of the more highly-produced content out there, Stories are not intended to be perfect. They can quickly share information, a cute picture, or a random poll and will disappear in just a few hours. On most platforms Stories now have their own feeds, diminishing the fear of clogging follower timelines and prompting an annoyed unfollow. Stories made social platforms much more accessible to users who did not always have an expensive camera or graphic design experience on hand. Additionally, they’re called Stories for a reason. It has become far easier to build a narrative for your personal account or brand, engaging audiences with story-based frameworks. The majority of posted Stories are current, and real-time events are often more interesting than something that happened last week. Timeliness plays a huge role, as users need to view and interact quickly to get the… well, story. 

Should I Use Stories?

The short answer? Absolutely. As a business owner or social manager, Stories have the potential to drastically increase follower engagement. However, just like any other aspect of marketing, they need a strategy to back them up. While Stories are definitely lower maintenance than traditional feed posts, you should still have a goal in mind. Are you going to show pictures or videos of the team? Display user-generated content? Post limited-time specials and events? Talk it over with your social media team, and draft a plan for best utilizing your Stories. Think about what your current social media presence is lacking, and form goals from there. Frequent Story posts will not clog the feeds of your followers, giving you the ability to post as many as often as you want. Since your followers have the option of viewing your Story, they’ll stop engaging when it gets annoying. When engagement starts decreasing, it may be time to tone it down. 

Stories are an integral aspect of social platforms nowadays, and you may be missing out on critical engagement if you fail to use them. Make a plan, and post! If the first few are a miss, they’ll disappear in a few hours anyway. Still worried? Let AdVentures Media Solutions take the reins!

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