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Brand Your Business with Social Media

AdVentures Media Solutions

When it comes to national and international brands, many are instantly recognizable. Nike is known for their telltale ‘swoosh’, as well as high-energy and inspirational videography. Pepsi proudly displays their red, white, and blue theme on a clean background with curved lines. These minor stylistic details matter, and allow consumers to notice them across different platforms. Brand colors, logos, fonts, and attitudes are not as they are without reason, they serve a crucial purpose in being distinguished from the sea of competition. However, the same goes for local brands. Although local brands often do not have the same resources as multi-million dollar companies, many of the same tactics they use can be implemented effectively to brand your business with social media platforms. 

Be Consistent

International brands have mastered the art of consistency, usually with extensive branding guidebooks. These guides serve as a key for their marketing and social media professionals, listing appropriate fonts, colors, logos, and overall styles to use in their advertising efforts. As mentioned previously, these brands excel from having a distinct style that, over time, will lead to increased audience awareness.

According to Lucidpress, presenting your brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. Despite not having millions of dollars in advertising budgets, local businesses can stay consistent in their social media presence for free, which is why it’s one of the easiest and most recommended methods of building brand awareness. If you run a business, sit down with the people who manage your socials and discuss what you want the brand style to be. Ask questions such as:

  • Do we like our current logo? Do we have more than one?
  • What specific colors represent our brand?
  • What types of fonts are we currently using? Do we have 2-3 that work for us?
  • What is our attitude? How do we present ourselves and respond to customers?

Get a few of these answers down on paper, and work from there. Some things may change after this conversation, and that’s okay! While a purposeful rebranding is okay, local businesses should avoid seemingly pointless changes to the way they present themselves, or they may lose recognition or even overall interest. Keeping a similar copy and graphic style across your platforms will resonate with consumers over time, and will ensure that they know you when they see you. 

The Right Place with the Right Image

While staying consistent in your advertising efforts is an easy, cheap, and effective method to get recognized and increase revenue, it may not matter if your efforts are scattered. While thousands of niches exist in every single social channel, each platform has their own general audience. Sites such as Facebook typically cater to older generations, while Twitter is known for being a more casual hang-out for younger audiences. Depending on your business, one of these platforms will have an advantage over the other, a saturation of individuals who better fit your target demographic. Before committing to a brand image, ensure that you are advertising to the people who will want to take notice. 

When it comes to branding on social media, AdVentures Media Solutions can help you pave the way. We are experts in social media marketing, and can help you get the brand recognition you deserve!

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