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Utilizing Reels in Your Social Strategy

It’s no secret that short-form video content is everywhere on social media nowadays. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have all been taking advantage of the affinity their audiences show for this type of content. When it comes to growing your following, these short and entertaining videos have proved to be able to grab audience attention, and hold onto it. One of the more recent additions to the short-form video game, Reels, have especially exploded in popularity since their introduction on Instagram and Facebook. As Instagram’s fastest-growing feature, let’s take a look at strategic approaches to maximize them for your audience. 

Instagram and Facebook Reels

Instagram and Facebook Reels are short-form (typically below 90 seconds) vertical videos that come with extensive in-app editing tools. From filters to audio, most post-production work can be done while posting them. Unlike each platform’s Story feature, Reels do not disappear after time. Once posted, they are available for others to view unless deleted. Both have dedicated areas on their respective platforms for viewing, with thousands of trending Reels to scroll through. Especially on Instagram, Reels have become a great way to attract and engage with audiences. Utilizing trending audio, the right hashtags, and creating an aesthetically pleasing video can all bring people to your content. 

Using Reels as a Business

Understanding how Reels work is only the first step of many, there are plenty of additional tips when using them to promote your business. From editing to storytelling, there are a million ways to personalize your social presence to reflect your brand.

Keep Up With Trends: For years, social media has been all about what’s trending. Reels are no different! Staying up to date with current trends in Reels, such as popular audios or formats, can help grab more attention towards your brand. Plus, partaking in trends is a way to show your audience what your brand values. Are you funny? Informational? Relatable? This is your chance to show them.

Get Behind the Scenes: For some brands, audiences may not have a clue what happens behind the scenes. Documenting your office life, packing orders, or showing your following around your work space can be great ways to get your audience invested and better understand your company. 

Start Strong: Ultimately, no one wants to watch a boring video. Social media is fast-paced, and your business only has a few seconds to capture the attention of anyone watching. Make your introduction something that stops your following from scrolling, and intrigues them to stay and watch. 

Add Context: While your caption shouldn’t overtake the video itself, it’s a great place to add additional helpful information. Share more about your product, add a call to action, a link, or direct your audience to a special sale. 

As social media changes, it’s our job to adapt with it. No matter where you’re posting your video content, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, or somewhere else entirely, these tips can help your business get started on growing your brand. Need a hand? AdVentures Media Solutions is here to help! To guide your Reel strategy, get in touch with our team of experts today. 

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