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Girl filming a horizontal video.

Horizontal Video for Social Media

Vertical videos have been all the rage in the last few years. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, does anyone even care about the traditional, tried-and-true format? Of course they do! Despite the popularity of the vertical format, utilizing horizontal videos in your social media strategy is still a great way to attract and retain audience attention, you just need to find your niche. Let strategy guide your decision. Where are you planning to post your content? What is your goal? What kind of footage are you anticipating to get? Knowing your goal is a surefire way to guide your production process, and get the conversions you are after. With your goal in mind, let’s get into the benefits of each type of video on social media. 

Horizontal vs. Vertical Video

Vertical Video for Social Media

As stated previously, vertical video has only gotten more popular in the last few years. With more than three-fourths of videos on the Internet viewed on mobile devices, it may seem the obvious choice if your strategy is focused on reach. Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are built for vertical content, and utilizing these mediums may attract a younger audience. However, vertical certainly creates filming limitations. You must stick to the aspect ratio of a mobile phone, sometimes creating unnatural storytelling. Additionally, vertical is not made for all platforms and video players. 

Horizontal Video for Social Media

Horizontal video is still the most common video format, and until devices like televisions and computers fundamentally change, it will likely stay that way. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook are best for horizontal video, easily supporting the aspect ratio. Additionally, horizontal video is much better for long-form content, and often comes across as more professional. Production is not limited, as you can always crop later. However, this format is not always ideal for mobile users, and social media is becoming more and more entranced with vertical content.  

Finding a Niche with Horizontal Video Content

The debate between vertical and horizontal video rages on, but one of the best aspects of horizontal comes with its storytelling capabilities. This medium is more suited for long-form content, and provides few distractions that sometimes come with vertical content. YouTube especially is the perfect place for this content, and can help build up a brand image with professional-grade videos. The wider aspect ratio allows a much more in-depth view of your subjects, and can hold audience attention for longer. 

Both types have their advantages, but horizontal is far from over. Build up your brand image and show your consumers what matters to them in your content. If you need a hand with your video strategy, get in touch with AdVentures Media Solutions

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