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Amy Sullivan


The one and only Boss Lady! Amy started her advertising career in 1990 after earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwest Mississippi State University. After spending time learning and mastering the field, Amy started her own company now known as AdVentures Media Solutions! 

Amy’s expertise knowledge is the groundwork of our team. She is not only the face of the company, she is the core. Over the years Amy has had a relationship with numbers of clientele and has handled large advertising budgets with one goal in mind… to build their brand.  

When Boss Lady isn’t writing scripts, meeting clients or on video calls, she is out at the barn. Horses are her way of unwinding after a long workday. Amy’s love for animals is unmatched. Another pastime Amy enjoys is watching her son, Austin, wrestle for Cumberland University. Her hobbies are polar opposites, but we love the uniqueness of our Boss Lady! 

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