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Radio broadcasting can be another integral piece of a business’s media mix. Radio station choices in large markets may seem overwhelming but if your advertising message is matched properly to your target audience, radio can be a very powerful and effective tool in promoting your business.

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Radio’s audience is segmented into the following formats:

  • Pop/Adult Contemporary

  • Country
  • Urban
  • Soft Rock
  • Jazz/Blues
  • Sports Talk
  • Talk

Local radio stations still reach large audiences despite the emergence of satellite radio

  • The simple fact is that local audiences surrounding your business have good audiences especially during morning and afternoon drive times, making these times the perfect opportunity to reach your consumers.

  • Radio stations have popular on-air talent and consumers become engaged in the conversation about what is going on around them in their communities. Listeners are measured by Arbitron and many stations still reach great audiences. The largest advantage of radio is you can target a specific audience to fit your business’s target audience. For example, if you are selling Ford trucks, sports talk in many markets would be a wonderful fit.

  •  “Media buying is not rocket science”.  However, even the most creative campaigns can result in dismal return on investments if the reach and frequency is not calculated with the targeted demo of each and every radio campaign.”

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