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AdVentures Media Solutions Marketing and Promoting Horse Trainers and Breeders

Adventures Media Solutions, Memphis, TN

AdVentures Media Solutions knows Equine Marketing. We understand the registered breeding business and horse show world of The American Quarter Horse Association, and The American Paint Horse Association. We can match potential buyers with your equine business using the internet and social media. Custom website development with the use of digital and social media marketing can give your business the exposure you need to find serious buyers for your breeding or show barn. Stallions, show horses, mares and weanlings can be promoted successfully with our websites and social media management.  

At AdVentures Media Solutions, we are horse people. Amy Sullivan, who founded A.D. Ventures, rides her 2015 APHA Alltimately Awesome “Cato” weekly with her trainer Kevin McDavitt. We understand that you cannot meet all potential customers and buyers by just going to horse shows. Leave the marketing strategy to us. First, we can build you a custom website. Second, we can create print ads in the Paint Journal or Chronicle and maximize usage of your business Facebook and Instagram pages. We manage Facebook and Instagram paid promotions including contests and targeted campaigns that deliver your message to the right audience effectively.  We can help set up your training barn or breeding business with custom swag to wear, give away, and sell to customers and fans. One of the best forms of advertising is someone wearing your logo on their hat, shirt, or jacket. 

Website Development 

Here are a few things we do: 

-Social Media Strategy and Development 

-Targeted Paid social campaigns and contest 

-Custom content creation  

-Paid impressions on video views, audience engagement, and website clicks 

-Print ads in breed and association magazines. 

-Swag to promote your horse, stallion, or training barn. 

Yes, AdVentures knows horses.  Let us plan a custom media strategy for your breeding program, registered horses or show barn today. Call Amy for a free quote. 901-605-1949 or email her at [email protected] 

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