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Why Short Video Works Best on Social Media

Social Media Videos

Adventures Media Solutions

Social media videos are everywhere…. Our phones. Our tablets. Even on your watch! Billions of people get on social media every day to get their news, engage with friends, and watch videos. Naturally, social media is the perfect place to use video to capture the attention of your viewers!

Does your business have captivating content to get them to stop scrolling? Is your audience engaging with short form video? If not, you’re missing out on an important way to market and advertise your business. Your customer base is looking at social media anyway, so why not let them see your ads in short form video? Ben Angel, an Entrepreneur Network Contributor with, says “Video is one of the most powerful tools you can use to boost sales.” Angel also states that viewers are 64% to 85% more likely to take a measurable action after watching a video, and businesses who use video grow their financial bottom line 49% faster than those who do not advertise with video marketing.

Short form videos work best on social media because the average person’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Generally, people simply don’t have time or desire to sit down and watch videos that are longer than 30 seconds to one minute. In fact, some of the most effective videos are 10-15 seconds long because people tend to stop watching after that. Short form video must capture the viewer’s attention and get them to elicit emotion in a short amount of time so they buy in to what you’re selling or advertising. 

It is also suggested that people like to see real, behind-the-scenes content; good, bad and ugly. Seeing something real in video content allows people to identify with it on a personal level and thus, evokes an emotional response and leads them to buy. Short form video can accomplish exactly that!

At A.D.Ventures Media Solutions, we shoot and edit customized short form video for businesses; we’re proud to create video content that shows our clients from a professional perspective and a humanized perspective, as well. We look forward to helping you grow your business – and we’ll do it 49% faster than your competitors who don’t advertise with video. For more information and a free consultation about how we can make video content work for you, call 901-605-1949.

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