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Optimizing Your Video Content

Especially in the last ten years of the Internet, video content has blown up across all of social media. From dedicated video-only platforms like YouTube and TikTok, to more photo-centric ones like Instagram, video has proven to attract and maintain audience attention. As many of these platforms shift to being primarily vertical video content, you may find yourself, your business, or your social managers struggling to adapt. Best practices for video content on social media used to be relatively similar, but have since dramatically changed from platform to platform. If you’re feeling lost, let AdVentures Media Solutions show you the way to optimize your content!

Prepare A Strategy

The first step of any marketing plan is to prepare a strategy. Without a strategy, you may forget why you are doing what you are doing to begin with! Having a concrete plan for your next move helps everyone maintain what the goal is, and you can come to a conclusion on how to achieve that goal more efficiently. When it comes to posting video content, think about what the content will be about, who or what will be in it, where it will be, and what the intended effect of the content is. Are you trying to sell a certain product? Are you building brand awareness? Production sheets are a must-have, and knowing your goal will streamline your production, editing, and posting process. 

Have A Hand in Production

As your team grows, it gets more and more complex to keep everyone on the same page. While it is not always reasonable to be at every shoot, keeping in close touch with those who are will ensure your strategy is adhered to. The production team should always gather more content than they think is necessary, from b-roll to interviews. Schedules can get messy, and getting more than you need at one shoot will keep your team flush with content for your editors. Even if your shoot only has one video planned to come out of it, get more! On-site is the best time to take Reels, Stories, and Shorts, as “behind-the-scenes” content resonates well with most audiences and boosts your business identity. At its core, optimizing means getting the most out of the least. Production is prime-time to do just that!

Keep In Touch With Your Editors

Even after production has concluded, your job isn’t finished quite yet. Now that content is off to the editors! Just like with production, ensure your editing team is in the loop with your strategy and have a copy of the production sheet on-hand. This way, it’ll be much easier for them to piece together your gathered content into a beautiful video. Check in with them to ensure your strategy is shining through in the finished product, and see what different kinds of videos they can create. How can they get the most out of what they have? 

Social media is constantly changing, but AdVentures Media Solutions is dedicated to keeping you in the loop. For video production and social media marketing, we’re the Memphis agency to get in touch with!

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