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Is Posting Fatigue Affecting Your Business Facebook Page? 

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Just like us, the social media accounts for your business can hit a rough patch. Especially on Facebook, your performance and engagement can go from great to not so great. It’s not always easy to pick up on either. There’s a chance that performance drops in a period of a day or two, but more often than not, a slow downward trend will take weeks to notice. You may be quick to blame the algorithm or your audience, but we have just as much to do with posting as the platform itself. If your Facebook is seeing fatigue, it’s likely that your social media managers are as well. Sit down, form a plan, and beat posting fatigue as soon as possible!

What is Posting Fatigue?

The phrase “posting fatigue” can mean multiple different things depending on who you ask. However, there are two main sides of it that you will want to understand to best address it. The audience side is what probably comes to mind first. As soon as a post is published, your followers and page visitors will start interacting (or not interacting) with your content. This is your audience. They make decisions such as liking, commenting, and sharing your content. After a while they may stop interacting for a myriad of reasons, such as seeing posts too much, too little, lack of engaging content, or lack of overall interest. Engagement will get lower and lower until a change is made. 

On the business side, it’s entirely possible to get too good at posting. Your business has formed a clear routine, and rarely stray. While there’s nothing wrong about a routine, the wrong kind of routine can lead to business posting fatigue. When posting becomes nothing more than a task to check off, you may need to reevaluate your strategy. Social managers can quickly get bored of the day-to-day, especially when ideas are running low or the posting frequency is too aggressive. This passive posting is a fast-track to posting fatigue, and shows a need for a new game plan. 

How Do I Fix It?

First things first, take account of your current strategy. Ask yourself or your social managers these questions to get a feel for what is going on.

  • How often are we posting?
  • Is it a set schedule? 
  • What are we posting about?
  • Where and how often do we get ideas for posting?
  • What is our engagement like? 
  • When was our high point for engagement? What was our strategy like then?

Brainstorm a whole page of questions if you have to, but these can help you get an idea. Once you have answers to your questions, start analyzing them! 

One of the biggest causes of posting fatigue on both the business and audience side is the frequency of your posting. Posting every day, multiple times a day can get tiring for both you and your audience. Your social managers get tired of pumping out content, and your audience gets tired of your brand clogging their timelines. Your followers like your brand, but sadly they do not live or breathe it, they need a break. Overposting might even cause them to unfollow or mute your content simply to escape the spam. The golden rule for posting is to post as often as you can consistently post high-quality content, and posting every day, multiple times a day may be burning out your high-quality ideas before they even have a chance to incite engagement. Every brand will have a sweet spot for posting frequency, three-four original posts is a great place to start. 

Help out your social managers as well, the digital landscape has a wide array of posts and information geared towards your niche. Don’t be afraid to reuse old content or repost content from another brand or creator, just make sure to give the proper credit if you’re using someone else’s content. Recycled content is easier on your team, and may attract more engagement from your audience. 

If your Facebook is suffering from posting fatigue, no need to freak out! Posting fatigue is a problem that can happen to all of us, you just need to make a new plan. Every account is different, every brand is different. Work with your social managers to lower the frequency, and up the strategy. Never post just to post, post when it’s strategic. 

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