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Do not Ignore Your Google My Business Listing

Adventures Media Solutions

To run a successful business these days Google My Business (GMB) is no longer optional. GMB is essential and many times is the first impression future customers have of your company. It is highly likely your Google Listing is the first spot customers look to for information about your business. For example, what are your business hours? How do they contact you? Relevant and updated information about the services and products you provide needs to be listed on your GMB page. Google search results show your GMB page with the map listing. 

Why Google My Business? 

When you start your business, you typically have a website built with your domain name (URL). In addition, to gain more visibility you set up a business listing or profile with Google My Business (GMB). Creating the profile is your first step, however the GMB pages is really a mini website and needs regular management. To manage your business listing with Google you need to keep your page updated on a regular basis. Your hours, phone number and address are just a few items you will find on a business listing. Google has many features to the GMB pages like products, reviews, business category. It is important to have an accurate and complete description of your business filled out on the listing. 

Engage with Customers 

Once your Google My Business page is active you will be able to engage with consumers. Is it important that you respond to ALL google reviews. By responding, you are again building your brand and increasing customer service. You will be able to respond to every review, answer any questions, and set up alerts so you can answer promptly all reviews both positive and negative. Most businesses are chosen today with the number of 5 Star Reviews they have.

Keep in mind some businesses may have HIPPA and privacy concerns such as medical practices so do not address patients directly but provide a generic response not acknowledging or confirming they are a patient of record. If HIPPA is a part of your business please consult your business attorney for best practices with web and social media interactions with patients. If you do not have privacy concerns with your business thank individuals for taking time to do the review and answer each negative response with an honest answer. Many times, calling and resolving issues with angry customers will result in the negative review being removed by the client. 

Highlight Your Business 

You can also highlight your business. Your profile holds a tremendous amount of information, but your business. GMB gives you the opportunity to provide links to your website while also providing options for your customers to click on links taking them directly to more information on your website or even schedule an appointment. Regular posting on your page enables clients see what is relevant, new, or even on sale. Some businesses benefit form daily posts on their GMB page, but every page needs at least several every week. You can also update your photos so you can show what your business is all about.  

Raise Your Google Score 

Another tool of GMB is helps your business be discovered with a local Google search. Local search results are calculated and scored on relevance, distance, and prominence. The algorithm might decide that a business that is farther away from the search IP address because your profile was not built out correctly and Google can rank a competitor higher than your page that was not built out correctly or optimized. Posting content rich keywords and keyword sequences help Google choose to show your information over a competitor who has not done the updates to his profile.  

Once you have seen your analytics you will have a better grasp of how Google’s algorisms work. You already see that Google has a ranking system but how do you get your business to the top or raise your Google score? According to an article by Forbes magazine, 90% of consumers do not make it past the second page of their google search results. When you did your “backside” check and noticed the words people use to look up your profile, these are called keywords, and if you use them throughout your website, usually by implementing blogs and new relevant content to your website. These actions this will increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Search Engine Optimization, helping you to improve your Google ranking.  

Let Adventures Media Solutions Handle Your GMB Business Page and SEO 

It can feel like a full-time job maintaining your Google My Business page and website SEO. You have a business to run. Let AdVentures Media Solutions take the reins for you. Our advertising agency is well versed in updated Google Best Practices for both the GMB Pages and your website. We also analyze your date and make sure your web presence stays up to date. Contact Adventures Media Solutions at (901) 605-1949 to see the many ways we will work to improve your company growth, sales, branding and customer satisfaction. 

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