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Adventures Media Solutions: Print Advertising

We have heard for years that print is on its way out of the digital world.

While print may be down it’s certainly not out of the game. Have you ever checked your email and simply felt overwhelmed by the amount of emails in your inbox? Consumers many times overlook or delete emails without even opening them due to too many emails. With email technology, your email account now has a mind of its own. It can mark some of your emails as spam therefore; some emails will not even make it to your inbox! Print advertising is effective by giving your consumer’s the information they need directly.

One creative way to think of print

is when a consumer has your brochure with them it becomes a traveling salesperson. Your consumers can physically share your businesses’ information without a WIFI connection. Not everyone uses the Internet as their primary route to access information believe it or not. Also, not every business’ target audience belongs to the digital era. Generations X and Y and baby boomers exhibit higher brand loyalty and they spend more money than the millennia’s. (*

Today the term “print advertising”

can essentially rings in ones ear as dollar signs being flushed down the toilet. When Adventures Media Solutions refers to print we are confident print advertising can still be efficient and relevant to your specific target audience.

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